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Posted: 8th Aug, 2018 by Mixxed
Phone owner: Monica
Posted: 26th Jul, 2018 by Carnage
Trying to blackmail me for money for naked photos
Posted: 6th Jul, 2018 by ice
She tried to blackmail me, as soon as I blocked her she used a other number 0723293415. She said she works in a library in Pretoria
Phone owner: Sonia Saline
Posted: 6th Jul, 2018 by ice
Blackmail. Threatened by this caller to post picture that were identical to mine but pornographic if i didnt pay her cash.
Phone owner: Sonia Saline
Posted: 15th May, 2018 by Scam Investigations SA
Operates under: 0766923514 / 07918001021 . Send all gathered information of this person/number to: . He/she is now under private investigation for blackmail and harassment.
Posted: 29th Apr, 2018 by Yamato
Threatening behavior
Phone owner: Sandra Williams
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